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Are you tired of getting frequent colds every season? Would you like to reduce allergy and asthma triggers? Would you like to have cleaner and safer Indoor Air for you and your loved ones?
You are already searching our website which means you care. Respicaire is here to help protect the health of your indoor air.

Did you know … ???

  •  Statistics show we spend up to 90% of our lives indoors.
  • Most colds, flues and other respiratory illnesses are caught indoors.
  • We live, work, grow & play in artificial environments. The concern is, are they healthy?
  • Children breathe 3 times faster and they tend to absorb more pollutants and toxic vapors than adults.
  • The growth of Allergy, Asthma & Respiratory illness track almost identically with the growth of A/C sales.
  • The quality of our indoor air is degraded by airborne microbials, allergens, pollens, spores, chemicals, virus, gases & molds.
  • 99% of all the particles in the air by count you cannot see.
  • The tight home syndrome is alive & well.. Unhealthy buildings and indoor environment will make you sick.
  • Outdoor Air is hard to control… Indoor Air is easy to affect by installing a high efficiency air cleaner to collect particulates and UVC & AirStrilizer to kill live organisms.

Healthy indoor air is our only focus at Respicaire. We dedicate all of our resources to address this challenge by creating innovative, effective & safe product solutions. Our air cleaning & UV technology has been selected and branded by some of the largest heating and cooling comfort manufacturers and suppliers in North America.

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